Comedy and Coping with Grief: Hospice of Michigan to Host ‘Healing Improv’ Grief Support Group

CADILLAC, Mich. (Sept. 13, 2019) – Hospice of Michigan, the state’s original and largest not-for-profit hospice provider, is hosting a Comedy Improv Grief Workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 17 from 12 until 2 p.m. at Maple Ridge Long Term Care Facility, located at 9072 S. Mackinaw Trail in Cadillac.

This workshop is designed to provide a fun and healing experience to those in grief by demonstrating that even in the darkest of times, there is a light forward to joy and hope. Leading the workshop will be Bart Sumner, founder of Healing Improv, a group that brings the therapeutic power of group improv games to share laughter with all those who need it. After the passing of Sumner’s 10-year-old son, he used his 20 years of experience in improvisational theatre to get himself through the unimaginable.

“Losing someone close to you can leave a hole in your heart for a long time,” said Will Gasper, grief support manager for Hospice of Michigan. “This Healing Improv workshop helps people who are grieving fight negativity head on, and reminds us that it’s okay to smile, laugh and enjoy all the small moments, even after a loved one has passed on.”

The not-for-profit’s ‘Healing Improv’ support group is among the many free grief support services Hospice of Michigan offers, providing a supportive environment for those struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. Hospice of Michigan’s grief support programs are open to everyone in the community dealing with the loss of a loved one, regardless of whether they received care from HOM.

For more information and to register for the ‘Comedy Improv Grief Workshop’, please contact Will Gasper at 231.444.3350 or